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Name: Minako Aino
Age: 17
Birthday: October 22nd
Height: 5'2"
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Purple
Heritage: Pureblood (Part Veela), But believes herself to be Muggle Born

Pet: Artemis the Cat

Year: Sixth Year
House: Gryffindor
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Study of Ancient Runes

Extra Curricular Classes:
Muggle Music
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Dear Santa,

I know that usually you send gifts to those who have been good but instead of asking for presents I instead have wishes I wish would come true and I wish with all of my heart that these might come true. They are as follows:

1) That Billy would not be such a prick next year. This is a extremely long shot, but I have hopes.
2) Yunie would find her happiness or at least figure out what the hell she wants in life because she seems so confused all the time.
3) For the princess that I am meant to be protecting to be safe and sound surrounded by the rest of her friends and her partner.
4) That Ace finds happiness. This is my most important wish because I feel like he should be happy, but deep down he might not be and I want to change that.

I think that is all for now, if I ever come up with anything else I'll let you know big guy.

Love Minako~
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Lvl 36. Male Typhlosion - Rash Nature
Moves: Quick Attack (Normal), Leer (Normal), Flame Wheel (Fire), Ember (Fire)

Lvl 35. Female Lopunny
Moves: Jump Kick (Fighting), Agility (Psychic), Baby-Doll Eyes (Fairy), Endure (Normal)

Lvl 37. Male Pikachu (Naughty Nature)
Moves: Quick Attack (Normal), Thunderbolt (Electric), Thunder Shock (Electric), Electro Ball (Electric)

Lvl 36. Female Swanna (Water/Flying)
Moves: Wing Attack (Flying), Bubble Beam (Water), Aqua Ring (Water), Water Pulse (Water)

Lvl 35. Male Dodrio (Flying/Normal)
Peck (Flying), Tri Attack (Normal), Quick Attack (Normal), Fury Attack (Normal)

Lvl 35 Male Meowstic (Psychic)
Moves: Quick Guard (Fighting), Scratch (Normal), Psyshock (Psychic), Charm (Fairy)

Level 30 Male Amaura (Rock/Ice)
Moves: Round (Normal), Ancient Power (Rock), Aurora Beam (Ice), Take Down (Normal)

Level 23 Male Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon)
Moves: Charm (Fairy), Bite (Dark), Stealth Rock (Rock), Roar (Normal)

Level 29 Male Tirtouga (Water/Rock) Shiny
Moves: Brine (Water), Crunch (Dark), Ancient Power (Rock), Protect (Normal)

30 Female Blitzle (Electric)
Moves: Quick Attack (Normal), Spark (Electric), Charge (Electric), Thunder Wave (Electric)
Inventory: 2 Poke Ball, 4 Ultra Balls, 4 Great Ball, 1 Pikachu Libre Costume (Held by Pikachu), Fire Stone, Electric Gem.
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Equipped Jobs: Bard and Dancer
Spare Jobs: Engineer, Programmer, Onion Knight, Bard (6 Months), Dancer (7 Month), Ghostbuster (1 Month), Thief

Warrior (Maxed):
Initial Power Break, Magic Break - Physical attack (lowers an enemy physical or magical power).
Armour Break, Mental Break - Physical attack (lowers an enemy physical or magical defense).
Flame Tongue - Elemental physical attack (fire).
Liquid Steel - Elemental physical attack (water).
Ice Brand - Elemental physical attack (ice).

Ninja (Maxed):
Transience - Evades an attack and counterattacks.
Shunshin - Drastically raises speed and agility for five minutes.
Clone - Creates an perfect copy to fight alongside or instead of you.
Ninjutsu - Casts a fire, water, thunder or ice attack to all enemies (mild).
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Name: Minako Aino
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Canon: Sailor Moon
Canon Point: Post Manga
Link to Application:

Moogle Name: Artemis
Moogle Gender: Male

Jobs: Warrior/Ninja
Limit Break: Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Minako starts off by kissing her fingers, causing a small heart shaped piece of energy to appear. Once it appears Minako then flings it at a single target.

Link to HMD: (optional)
Link to Permission List: (optional)
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Name: Lisa/Fay
Age: 26
Personal Journal: [personal profile] faysdarkangel
Contact: Plurk: faysdarkangel
Other In-Game Characters:
Kobato Hanato
Fai D. Flourite
Yugi Mutou

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Minako Aino
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Canon: Sailor Moon
Canon Point: Post Manga
Codname: Sailor V
Sailor Moon
Before she met the others Minako was pretty much like a normal girl, wanting to find her true love and like any other normal type of girl, if she liked someone she would write them a love letter which shows she can put her feelings out there if needed, even if it is in a form of a letter she keeps to herself. But it doesn't mean she would stop trying, she does have a determination when it comes to the subject of love, but after a situation had chosen to instead choose duty over love, but that doesn't mean she won't help others with there own love problems or continue to want a boyfriend, but never really getting there.

Like Usagi, Minako to begin with pretty much wasn't one to study, as her tests usually showed with twenty three percent in one test we know of. Instead of studying she is one to usually goof off and instead do things that she prefers such as volleyball or just exercising instead. This shows that the girl is really athletic and what she lacks in smarts she'll make up for with that.

As shown in one page of Codename Sailor V, Minako has shown to sometimes not do something ladylike, like for example climbing over walls and getting her clothes dirty which goes to show that she's not one to overly mind if her clothes get dirty as she is willing for them to get dirty if needs be. As Sailor Venus, she is pretty much the leader of the inner Sailor scout, minus Usagi who is the princess and the one they have sworn to protect at all costs and when we see her in the Sailor Moon manga, you can see that she has the leadership qualities one needs to be able to do it. Also while as Sailor Venus she can be more serious than she is usually and will always try and help out her friends if needs be.

Although she has her duty to the princess, Minako just like everyone else has a dream of what they want to be when they're older. In her case she wants to be an idol, much like all the other idols she had admired in the past. Overall Minako can at most appear to be that bright, bubbly and cheerful teenage girl, who can get overly excited about things such as boys or idols she admires very much, but underneath that is a serious, determined and mature person that comes through when she becomes Sailor Venus.

When she first discovered at the age of 13, Minako didn't really take to her duty as Sailor V very well, this could have been due to the fact that 1) It was rather sudden thing to happen and 2) She was a teenager whose more focused on love and relationships and basically things a normal girl would want to do. But towards the end and to the beginning of Sailor Moon, Minako had started to take it a little more seriously and over the time had gained experience to help her become a leader. This experience is a part of what helps her be a good leader, as she understands the situation more than the others and therefore knows what must be done, in order for things to work.

With Minako's love letters, she has only written one once, but during the time she really liked the guy and it was a good way to express the way she was feeling, without actually outright telling him. But, she could never deliver it to him, so while she can express some things like mentioning if a guy is cute in front of friends is one matter and a much easier one at that, actually telling the guy outright is a completely different matter and one that she is unable to do. Given the fact that her planet, Venus is one based on love, she is the type to help those who are having love problems and try and deal with it in the best way possible. Need love advice, Minako would more than likely try her best to give advice on the subject.

Minako does have her doubts, especially when it came to her wondering if she was a good enough leader and also due to having a life she does would she be able to actually make her dreams come true of becoming an idol. The doubts about her being a good enough leader have come into question during the Dead Moon arc when she was the last out of the Inner Senshi to be able to transform. It made her believe that she was a terrible leader because she couldn't transform unlike everyone else and didn't at the time realize why. Eventually though she managed to overcome that and transformed, but you never know when those doubts could be called into question again.

With her dream being to be a famous idol, it still clashes with her duty and this is another factor that Minako struggles with. She has shown to her duty and even at one point someone pointed out that she would always choose duty over love in the Sailor V manga, but Minako is the kind of girl who still wants to follow her dreams and having to give them up would be extremely hard for her to do. But even though she has dreams like the others, she does also love her friends very dearly and if given the choice, she wouldn't want to leave them to get hurt, but overall giving up a dream would be a tough decision.

Lastly the differences between Sailor Venus and Minako herself are made obvious when you see them. Minako for starters as a civilian takes on a much more teenager girl approach and shows that she can be bubbly in that really happy go lucky way, she's a happy girl and with friends she is freely able to discuss things like boys, dreams the usual things that girls their age would usually do. This side she cannot exactly have when she is Sailor Venus, this could be due to the fact that in a situation that Sailor Venus is needed, being as bubbly as she is would pretty much be uncalled for, given it would always be a serious situation.

As Sailor Venus, she has to keep a more serious personality, she wants to get things done and wants to protect those she cares about, which wouldn't be as good if she would keep her bubbly personality when she is a civilian. When someone is put under as much strain as they had been time and time again, a serious and strong leader is one that is needed, rather than someone whose head could be in the clouds at any given moment. It's a part of what makes her a strong leader, to keep a calm sense of self, even in the tough times, which is something also different between the two. With both of these an actual part of her personality, they each in a sense balance each other out.

Third-Person Sample:
While others were all about saving the world from the Calamity, Minako herself, while worried about the same thing was also worried about something else. Minako was worried about love and the fact that it seems like not a lot of people were together. It just didn't seem right in her mind. Everyone needed love even if she could never have it. Everyone needed happiness, this was something in her heart of hearts she believed in.

As she walked through the streets, her mind kept wondering to how exactly she was going to be able to pull it off, how she was going to spread the love. She felt like it was going to be her mission in life. With each step she taps her chin, with each step she kept coming up with either random or ideas that didn't quite make sense.

"No, no, no. Those won't work." She muttered to herself, her brow lowering slightly before she stops for a moment, looking around. "I know we have work to do, but people can love and work at the same time." Not her of course, that much she already knew. But she didn't mind helping others like she had done in the past, sometimes without meaning too.

With a small smile upon her face, she spotted a few couples, all happy, all lovey dovey, this was something she would like to see. When she saw a couple walking past, hands entwined was when an idea struck her.

"Maybe I should run a love business~!" That seemed logical to her at least, although she hadn't a clue how to run a business herself let alone understand what to do or even how to start, but the idea alone was enough to get her excited. With her hands clasped together, she was ready to do this. She was ready to do something. She was ready to spread the love. but first she was hungry and needed to get back home to eat. So with that in mind she started to head off, this time thinking about what she was going to eat.

Mognet Sample:
Dear Heroes of Life,

Are you looking for love? Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? If you say yes to either one of these things then look no more! For I, the Hero of love and beauty am here to help one and all~

I am one for love and I believe everyone deserves that special someone. I believe you all deserve that special someone. So if you want to get that someone's attention or you want to admit your true feelings then I am here to help.

Let you arrow of love fly and let your feeling show~!


The Hero of Love and Beauty

Moogle Name: Artemis
Moogle Gender: Male
First Job: Warrior
Second Job: Ninja
Limit Break: Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Minako starts off by kissing her fingers, causing a small heart shaped piece of energy to appear. Once it appears Minako then flings it at a single target.

CR Chart

Aug. 10th, 2014 04:41 pm
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If you have CR with Minako please comment below and I'll add them to the CR chart when I make it.
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List of pokemon and inventory:

Lvl 51. Female Infernape - Modest Nature
Moves: Ember (Fire), Mach Punch (Fighting), Flame Wheel (Fire), Close Combat (Fighting)

Lvl. 25 Female Prinplup ('Ami') - Naughty Nature
Moves - Bubble (Water), Water Sport, Peck (Flying), Bubble Beam (Water)

Lvl. 9 Male Kabuto - Adamant Nature
Moves - Harden, Scratch (Normal), Absorb (Grass)

Lvl. 8 Female Wingull - Sassy Nature
Moves - Growl, Water Gun (Water), Supersonic

Lvl. 23 Male Swirlix - Timid Nature
Moves - Fake Tears, Round (Normal), Cotton Spore, Endeavor

Lvl. 4 Female Sewaddle - Bold Nature
Moves - Tackle (Normal), String shot

At Home:

Lvl. 21 Male Sandshrew - Relaxed Nature
Moves - Rapid Spin (Normal), Swift (Normal), Fury Cutter (Bug), Magnitude (Ground)

Lvl. 49 Female Skuntank - Rash Nature
Moves - Toxic, Acid Spray (Poison), Flame Thrower (Fire), Night Slash (Dark)
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Player Information
Name: Lisa
Contact: Plurk: faysdarkangel
Current Characters: N/A

IC Information )
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[Minako was somewhat prepared to tell the best story ever, complete with hand movements and all.]

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful maiden, so beautiful it should have been a crime. [To prove a point she runs her own fingers through her hair. Could she have based the main character from herself, who knows. Quite possibly.] Anyway, people all around the world had noticed of this maidens beauty, especially the mean ugly lady that only lived down the lane and lived in a house that could quite mistakenly look like a shoe box and what frightened even the mice of this fair town. [She makes a face to express or try at least to express how ugly that woman could be, but finding it hard.]

This woman was jealous of the beautiful woman and wanted her to be the same as herself. Ugly on the inside and outside. So, one night when the young woman was asleep, the hag slowly crept up to the house, [She moved in slightly, with each movement she would move in a little more.] tuuuuurned the door handle, opened the door and made her way into the house. She was looking to do something, but first the nasty woman had to find out where she rested. It was a big house after all, unlike her small, nasty shoe box. So, she started up the stairs, the mice that were around nibbling at her ankles, trying to stop the woman from going further, but to no avail.

[Minako put two fingers on the bed to represent legs and walking.] The woman continued on her journey towards the young maidens room, hoping to cause harm to that pretty face and gorgeous locks of golden hair. As she slowly kept towards the room, she turned her head to find... [She pauses for suspense.] A ninja, hiding in the shadows that projected the lady at all costs. If that wasn't enough, a robot appeared next to the ninja, all prepared to risk their lives for her and take care of the mean old lady. [She crossed her arms, nodding. This was good stuff you know.] So they both grabbed the old bat and took her far away, so she couldn't try and harm the beautiful girl again. When the young lady woke up, the worst that had happened was a serious case of bedhead, which was treatable.

[She smiled slightly.] And she lived happily ever after, riding off into the sunset on a pet dinosaur, off to look for a prince that she could call hers. That's the end of the best story ever.
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Name: Minako Aino
Age: 16
Class: Warrior
Level: 1
1 - Warrior Outfit
1 - Two handed sword

HP: 5/6
MP: 1/6
Physical Attack: 5/6
Magic Attack: 0/6
Defense: 4/6
Speed: 2/6
Stamina: 4/6

Look here - Draws target's attention solely to you.
Guardian - Take a blow meant for another character.
Staggering blow - sacrifice some HP to deal stronger attack to target, small chance of stun.


Jun. 26th, 2012 07:47 am
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 How is my driving for Sailor Venus/Minako Aino.

If something off with her, if so please comment here.


Jun. 26th, 2012 07:45 am
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Venus Crystal Power, Make Up - This is the phase used by Minako to be able to transform into Sailor Venus

Minako as Sailor Venus like many of the other Sailor Senshi has an element all of her own. This element is known as Light, or Love, which ever way you look at it and considering the others are all based on various actual elements such as water and fire, it would seem more obvious her attacks should be light based, but since Sailor Moon has that type, it leans more towards Love. But adding to the fact that her planet and the goddess Venus are based around the meaning of love it is to be expected and is shown clearly through her title and even the names of her attacks.

Through out the course of the manga Venus has had various forms and thus has has various attacks depending on the tranformation. She also still uses from time to time a couple of items which she had since she was first Sailor V. All of which I will list below:

Compact - This item has been used a lot during Codename Sailor V and at least once in Sailor Moon. With this compact Minako in Salior V used it to fire an attack known as Crescent Beam and another known as Love Crescent Shower. It was also used to be able to give her an disguise whenever she asked for it. Although it wasn't shown in the Sailor Moon manga until one scene later on, but it shows that she still carries it on her person.

Venus Love Me Chain - This attack is a simple one that uses the belt she wears as Sailor Venus to attack the enermy. With this attack she uses for pretty much like one would a sword. She can also use it to grab someone if for example they are trying to get away.

Sailor V Kick - Though not really an attack, Minako is able to kick someone. I can't really explain it further than that.

Rolling Heart Vibration - This attack that she uses sends out an attack from her hands, usually this attack is heart shaped towards the enemy.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock - With this attack Minako's Love Chain gained a new ability that when used will unleash a powerful blast of energy when she holds the chain out in front of her.

Sailor Planet Attack - With all the other Sailor Senshi they are together able to perform an attack against someone using the powers of there respected planet together.
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 'Hello, this is Minako. Sorry, I can't come to the phone right now as I am very busy~ But, if you want to leave a message, I'll be happy to get back to you.'


Apr. 29th, 2012 04:30 pm
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 'Hi guys. I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep.'
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Your Name: Lisa
Your E-Mail/AIM/Whatever: AIM + Plurk: faysdarkangel
Dreamwidth: faysdarkangel
Your age: 23

Character Information )
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Your Name: Lisa
Your E-Mail/AIM/Whatever: AIM + Plurk: faysdarkangel
Dreamwidth: faysdarkangel
Your age: 23

Character Information )
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